Integrated Management System Policy

The Integrated Management System (ISM) of Sotecno Gaio SA covers all the requirements of the International Quality Standards NP EN ISO 9001, NP EN ISO 14001 Environment and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety, with the exception of the requirement 8.3 Design and NP EN ISO 9001 Product and Service Development. It is a global system, which includes: organizational structure, planning activities, definition of responsibilities, practices and procedures, processes and resources, to develop, implement, achieve, review and maintain the principles and objectives of continuous improvement of its performance, defined by Sotecno Gaio SA

Sotecno Gaio S.A., is certified in the following scope: "Installation and assembly of electrical and mechanical systems."

The implemented ISM enables and optimizes the achievement of customer satisfaction, being essential to identify their requirements throughout the management process, and the continuous improvement of the organization's global performance through risk prevention, control of environmental aspects and improvement of the product/service. It ensures compliance with all applicable legal requirements, a reduction in the effort to manage and maintain the organization's resources and systems, and a clear and dynamic orientation towards the satisfaction of all interested parties and recognition of Sotecno Gaio's customers. Sotecno Gaio's Integrated Management System Policy is available to all interested parties.