Being the main market of SOTECNO GAIO, SA, mainland Portugal is and will continue to be a priority, and there is a constant concern to consolidate, restructure and innovate the company's technical and organizational structure in order to allow it to reinforce its reference status every year. in the national market.

Defending a sustained economic and financial balance, and aiming to reinforce this benchmark, SOTECNO GAIO, S.A. has been seeking new markets since 2010, focusing on the internationalization of the Company's values.

It is in this context that SOTECNO GAIO SUCCURSALE is created in Morocco, already counting on several important works carried out.

Avoiding dispersing before consolidating and faithful to the priority principles it advocates, SOTECNO GAIO is focused on:

  • Continental Portugal
  • Azores
  • Madeira
  • Morocco
  • Spain