Purchasing Policy

Sotecno Gaio is aware that, in order to guarantee the competitiveness and quality of its services adapted to market needs, and to achieve customer satisfaction, it is crucial to have a network of qualified and qualified suppliers / service providers. The global management of relationships with suppliers provides advantages of synergy and efficiency for our customers.

It is Sotecno Gaio's objective that its suppliers / service providers comply with a set of requirements that do not adversely affect the ability to provide its customers with compliant products and services.

The General Purchase Conditions apply and regulate all Requisitions, Purchase Orders and/or Contracts issued by Sotecno Gaio, SA, and are available for consultation here.

The Supplier / Service Provider, when submitting a quotation, proposal for supply or provision of services, declares to know, accept and meet the requirements required to be a supplier of Sotecno Gaio, in accordance with the General Purchase Conditions.