Who We Are

Brief history

SOTECNO GAIO was founded on October 19th, 1979, adding to more than 40 years of experience in the Portuguese Market in the Electrical Installations Sector. This allows SOTECNO GAIO to comply with the highest standards demanded by our clients, with great quality and professionalism.

Always innovating, in 1995, an electric switchboard fabrication unit was created in order to allow us to offer our Clients a more complete and competitive solution.

In 2005, due to the continuous growth of the company, SOTECNO GAIO decided to expand its activity to Environment, Water and Sanitation related Installations with results that have far exceed our initial projections and expectations.

All these different assets have been developed with the aim of providing our esteemed Clients with an all-in, turn-key service. We are thus presenting ourselves as a systems solutions integrator.

We can guarantee that new challenges are emerging on the horizon to which SOTECNO GAIO will respond positively, such as in the case of our continued quest for INNOVATION and being a part of the INTERNATIONALIZATION process.

Human resources

All the competences which SOTECNO GAIO provides to its clients on a daily basis when implementing the works it has been entrusted with have as their structural base the technical and human knowledge of its employees;

Currently, SOTECNO GAIO has an effective staff of more than 80 collaborators, with this number averaging many more times according to the specific demands of manpower needed at times.


Technical Formation8%